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Beijing supports the healthy development of sponge city construction

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Beijing supports the healthy development of sponge city construction, and takes the lead in raising the energy-saving rate of residential buildings from 75% to more than 80%.


On July 2, 2020, the Beijing Municipal Planning and Natural Resources Commission and the Beijing Municipal Market Supervision Bureau jointly issued 25 local standards. Among them, 20 standards were formulated for the first time, 5 were revised, and 9 standards for urban management and public service, 9 for engineering and construction standards, 3 for agricultural standards, 2 for environmental protection, 1 for resource conservation and utilization, and 1 for service industry, according to the areas involved.


Support the construction of sponge city, the release of "sponge city construction design standards" "sponge urban planning preparation and evaluation standards." "Sponge City Construction Design Standard" emphasizes the idea of sponge city systematization management, requires that in the design of sponge city construction should pay attention to the combination of film-based effect, promote the combination of natural and artificial drainage system, reasonable layout of sponge city-related facilities, to protect cultural relics and historical features as a prerequisite, combined with the organic renewal of neighborhoods, dangerous housing renovation, housing repair, hydropower transformation, environmental remediation, unified coordination, simultaneous implementation of governance. The Standards for the Preparation and Evaluation of Sponge City Planning define the contents of sponge urban planning preparation from 7 aspects, such as basic condition analysis, planning objectives, planning pattern and zoning, planning plan, etc., and construct a complete evaluation system of 20 evaluation indicators including planning indicators, project construction, implementation guarantee, public opinion, and 4 categories of evaluation indicators, which are evaluated every five years to evaluate the implementation of the special plan of sponge city to support the sound development of sponge city construction.

Hawen machinery QT and HWG series block making machine, Brick Making Machine,Permeable paver making machine,fully automatic high-end servo permeable brick production line, can effectively use construction waste, fly ash, slag and other industrial waste,the finished products with high permeability, good quality, low cost, not easy to weather etc. Permeable paver is a new type of wall material widely used and popularized in the country, and it is also a necessary laying material for the construction of sponge city. Among them, high-end PC paver is the new favorite of the building materials industry, beautiful appearance, good water-permeable effect, good economic benefits.

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Permeable Paver laying structure Overview 

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Permeable Paver made by Hawen HWG-1000 Servo vibration block making machine on site


"Sponge city construction", "assembly building development", "new building industrialization", "new wall material reform", these are the country to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the construction industry, promote the industrialization of new buildings, vigorously develop green building scallon initiatives. HAWEN Machinery has been in the market for more than 20 years with rich experience in intelligent equipment manufacturing,strive to become China's new wall material high equipment manufacturing technology pioneer.

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