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Customers from Sarawak Malaysia visited our factory for block making machine

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Last week, a group with 5 peoples from Sarawak Malaysa visited our factory.

Mr.Lau,the Managing Director of the company,who are specilized in providing the building material and hardware products in east of Malaysia,and have running the Concrete brick factory since 2007.

The main products made in the current factory is solid brick at 195x100x65mm and also the hollow block with 4inch,6inch with two holes and three holes.

Besides the company managing director,the whole visiting group consists of the plant operators, maintenance manager and also the procurement manager of the company.

“We have been in concrete block making for more than 12 years,we can see the excellent design of your machine are suitable for practical operation,and also easy for the general maintenance” Said by Mr.Goh who is the maintenance manager of the factory,after visiting our production workshop,and had a lot of experience exchange with our aftersales service manger Tony.

The whole visiting group check the fabrication facility in the workshop including the CNC equipments, mould lining cutting equitments,milling machine,Gantry milling etc., “The down mould is cutted from the whole piece of steel plate, with precise vertical corners and smooth sidewalls,it will provide much longer lifespan”Standing in front of the lining cutting machine,said by the purchase manager Mr.Henry.

  Mould shoe done by lining cutting

After the workshop visiting and round-table discussion,the whole group visited our customer working plant ate site,the operation site just 20 minutes from our factory by car.
”We really impressed that the forming cycle of this block making machine reach 12.6 second only,which is much more fast than our expected” Said by the operation manager,after checking the cycle time shown in the touch screen of block making machine.

Customer working plant(QT6 block making plant) pictures
Customer working plant(QT6 block making plant) pictures
Visiting group at the factory
Visiting group at the factory

 “Now we have much more idea about the quality of your block making machine and the service you provide,believe that we will have a very good cooperation for our new factory set up in the coming future” Said by the Managing director Mr.Lau.

As a leading manufacturer of Concrete products equipments in China,serving more than 2000 customers,we manufature equipments for every aspects of concrete products production and the whole production line system,from automatic batching and mixing system,automatic cubing and stacking system.Our products are designed, manufactured, and wholly supported by a team whose passion for concrete is matched only by the customers we serve.

For more information or questions on any of our concrete products solutions,please donot hesitate to drop us the email to export@hwmachines.com.

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