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GMT Pallet,the full name is Glass Mat Reinforced Thermoplastics,

it is a kind of plastic brick pallets, which is made of fiber glass as reinforcing material and

thermoplastic resin composite material, through heating and pressurizing being done by 2000T hydraulic pressing machine.

The glass fiber is three-dimensionally staggered like steel, and the resin is coated with glass

fiber like cement-coated steel.

The GMT raw material is a new type of engineering plastic, which was developed in the past few years.

It can be recycled, so it is considered one of the most promising new green material.

Now, the materials are widely applied in automobile industry (such as bumper, motor base), construction industry (like framework) and concrete block machine pallets etc.

Our  GMT brick pallet made from this material can be as solid as reinforced concrete,

because the fiber in the pallet is structured like reinforced concrete.

In hence, the rigidity and toughness of the GMT pallet used for concrete block machines are particularly strong.




Technical Specification

Outstanding Performance



Elasticity Modulas

3.7 GPa

No Deformation


High Load Bearing

Max load 2.0 kn,Bending Strength 51.0 MPa

Stand big pressure, high load, and brings no rupture



Shore Hardness 72

Long Life Span



Withstand Impact of 20KJ/m2

Vibration Resistant, Anti-fall, and no Cracking


Weather Resistant

Operating Temperature between -40 degree--90 degree

Insolation Resistant, Anti-aging, and Suit for Steam Curing


Erosion Resistant

Resistance of most Acid, Alkali, and Salt

Protect inner steel and bamboo against rust and mildew


No Water Immersion

Water Immersion Rate  <0.5%

Protect inner bamboo(wood) board


Light Weight


Effort Saving and Friction Reducing


Life Span

Life Span can reach 6 years theoretically

Low Cost


High Performance

High Performance and Low Cost

Extremely Low Cost during long time using


1.GMT Pallet more light weight, save the Sea freight cost

This glass fiber pallets for block is the most economical pallets currently now for block making machine.

As we all know that PVC brick pallets for concrete block making machine is heavy.

The density of PVC block pallet is 1750-1780kg/m3, while the weight of the fiberglass brick pallet is about 1200kg/m3. Therefore, if using PVC brick pallets, it will increase the transport cost.

For example,the Pallet for QT10-15 block making machine at 1100*950*28mm,the weight of PVC Pallet each piece is 51.2kg, It means one 20ft container can load 527pcs(Max 27000kg per 20ft container);

While for GMT Pallet, the weight at 35kg with the same dimension at  1100*950*28mm,it means one 20ft container can load 768pcs per 20ft container.


GMT pallet can use min. 6 years,which is much longer than Bamboo Pallet at 2 years and Wooden Pallet at 2-3 years.

3. Impact Resistance
GMT brick pallet impact strength is equal to 30KJ/m2, while PVC block plate impact strength is less than or equal to 15KJ/m2, when comparing the impact strength under the same

conditions. Drop hammer experiment test in the same height shows that: when GMT block

pallet is slightly cracked, the PVC plate has been breakdown by drop hammer.

4. Good Regidity

Rigidity means the property of anti-bending. GMT block pallet is similar to PVC brick pallet about this aspect; but it is stronger the common plastic brick pallet (rubbish pallet) and

bamboo plywood pallet.

GMT pallet elastic modulus 2.0-4.0GPa, and the PVC sheets elastic modulus 2.0-2.9GPa.
 The GMT block pallet water absorption rate is less than 1%. It performs better than the bamboo plywood after water soaking.
6. Corrosion Resistance  The GMT brick pallets are resistant to the most acid-base salt, so it is without damage under strong acid.
7.Anti-high And Low Temperature
When it is less than 20 degrees, the GMT brick pallets will not deform or crack. GMT pallets for concrete block machine are able to withstand high temperature of 60-90℃. It will not easily deform, and suitable for steam curing, but PVC plate is easy to deform at high temperature of 70 degree.



Container loading of GMT Pallet to overseas customer,with Support pallet at the bottom,easy for customer to unload when receive the container.



GMT Pallet used for Hollow block, Solid brick,Interlocking paver production,with good performance.

The GMT block pallets are useful for concrete blocks, and now become more and more

popular. Our GMT pallets have been widely approved by Many of our domestic customers and overseas customers

No matter you are new to set up block factory or you have experience in block factory running, you are very welcomed to contact us,our GMT pallet will bring you benefit to your block factory running.

More information about GMT Pallet,

Please contact our sales team: export@hwmachines.com

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