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HAWEN Machinery Busy on Block Making Machine Production after Resume

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HAWEN Machinery earnestly implements the instructions of governments at all levels on the prevention and control of the novel coronavirus pnuemonia epidemic and makes every effort to curb it. Safety is at the top of the list when we resume work. The epidemic prevention and control and production are both the priorities. Since the resumption of production on February 15, we has taken targeted measures to deal with the servere contagion and ensure the health of all employees. Now, employees have returned to work in batches. Meanwhile, working at home is encouraged.

In the coming weeks,3 sets of block making plants are expected to be send to customers according to the agreement, for customers from Viet Nam,Mozambique etc.

All our customers overseas  running their block machine machine  as usual,our after-sales service team is ready to provide customer after sales service and spare parts support.


QT6-15 Automatic Brick Making Plant at customer factory

New Year, new hope! Though it is hard for the start, we have the confidence to get it through. With strict and efficient management, we will, as always, bring benefit to our customers and provide them products and services with the best quality.

Epidemic, we fight together!

Service, good as always!

Spring is coming, flowers will soon blossom. Let us join hands to win the war!

As a professional manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machine in China, our mission is to provide the best quality of Machinery and Service for the Concrete Products Industry.

The block making equipments we manufacture are for every aspect of concrete products solution,such as common masonry like block & brick, paving stone,Curb stone, patio stone, segmental retaining wall products, fencing units, other landscape products.

Our molds are innovative, versatile, and capable of making the highest quality concrete products, we also manufacture molds for equipment built by other companies, like Japanese Tiger machine, German Hess machine and Masa machine,Zenith machine etc.

Welcome to contact us:

Website: www.hwmachines.com

WhatsApp(wechat): +8618959896890 

Email: export@hwmachines.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Quanzhou-Hawen-Machinery-COLtd-1476944649114465/

Youtube:  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5Skk3z2XXeFXuFcQJpPn1Q





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