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HAWEN New Concrete Block Machine Production Line Delivered To Customer From Pontianak Indonesia

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After considerable hot testing in our workshop,another HAWEN QT6-15 Automatic block making machine production line was delivered to customer from Pontianak Indonesia,on middle of July 2022 to support the local infrastructure construction.

The Customer is one of the leading builders in the building industry in Jakarta with own paving block factory,most of the paving stone made are for own projects.As the demand keep increasing  in recently years, and urgently requires to set up an additional concrete paving block machine production line.

“Your branch office in Indonesia with local service team is the warranty for us,so we don’t have any doubt to cooperate with your company”,Said by the owner of company Mr.Christine.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, Indonesia's economy has developed steadily, and the annual GDP growth rate has remained above 5%. At the Indonesian National Development Plan Conference, Indonesia's President Joko Widodo announced the Indonesian government's 2020-2026 mid-term reform agenda and economic development plan, including specific goals to boost domestic production, stimulate economic growth and improve fiscal balance, including a large number of Infrastructure planning, the Indonesian government plans to build a power plant capable of supplying 20,000 megawatts of electricity in the next 10 years, and a new toll road with a total length of about 1,095 kilometers, so that goods can pass through the islands faster.Before 2026, Indonesia plans to invest 5,500 trillion rupiah (about 550.3 billion U.S. dollars) in infrastructure construction.

In order to give loca service backup for customer in Indonesia, Hawen Machinery have set up the office in Indonesia for more than 4 years, the technicians has been dispatched from China to stay in this office to give service for local customer.

More detail about the shipment of QT6-15 Automatic block making plant in our factory:


Hydraulic station,Pallet feeder,wet block conveyor for block making machine loading into container

2Twin-shaft Concrete mixer with bucket hoist hopper system loaded into the container


       Production pallet - GMT Pallet ready for shipment in stock yard in our factory


QT6-15 Automatic block making machine ready for shipment in our workshop


QT6-15 block making machine being loaded into the container

The whole QT6-15 Automatic block making production line consists of : Automatic batching and mixing system,automatic forming system with face mix device, automatic pallet handling system(automatic pallet feeding machine) and automatic wet block stacker system.

The equipment hopefully will reach customer’s site at the beginning of August,the foundation construction also under busy preparation.We believe,professional service & excellent performance of block machine, will bring long-term & stable income for our clients, also make contribution to local infrastructure construction.

More information about Hawe block making machine,please contact our sales team:



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