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Hawen HWG-1000 Servo vibration block making plant successful running in Tangerang, Indonesia

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Tangerang is a city in the province of Banten, Indonesia. Located on the western border of Jakarta, it is the third largest urban centre in the Greater Jakarta metropolitan area after Jakarta and Bekasi; The sixth largest city proper in the nation; and the largest city in Banten province. It has an area of 164.54 square kilometres (63.53 square miles) and an official 2015 Census population of 1,798,601.The latest official estimate as at mid 2019 is 2,237,006 – making it the eighth most populated suburb in the world at the latter date.

On 22 June 2020,another one set of Hawen HWG-1000 Servo vibration block making plant successful running in Tangerang Indonesia.From the Middle of May we shipped the machine to customer until the machine start making concrete products,it lasts only one month only.

Customer Kahawat block is a big building material supplier in Indonesia. They have purchased a QT10-15 automatic block production line three years ago. Since the product quality has always been ahead of other building material suppliers in the market, the production of the current plant has been running double shifts a day, but it still cannot meet the demand in the market. To add another new production line became very urgent. The general manager Mr. Marselius has visited our company in the summer of 2019, and he was deeply impressed by our upgraded HWG-1000 machine using servo vibration system,had a deeply discussion with our engineer along with his operation engineer in our office during the visit. And in January 2020, we signed a procurement contract and the deposit payment was paid in the same week.

Container loading of HWG-1000 Servo vibration block making plant with PVC Pallet to customer.All the equipments being well fastened in the container to be suitable for long-distance sea shipment

“The servo motor vibration is much faster than our current motor vibration machine QT10-15, and it is also more energy-efficient,Tthe quality of paver is much better,Looking at the Rectangle paver produced by the new equipment, Mr. Marselius said happily.

Truck shipment of Concrete Paver to customer in Tangerang

Brief introduction about the HWG-1000 Servo vibration block making machine using servo motor:

1.Design : The rotor of the servo motor is permanent magnet, which is equivalent to a generator,it can generate and recycle by itself. More than 25% energy saving compared with normal electrical motors;

2.The starting current is different-energy saving: For the motor with the same power, for example the normal electrical motor at 12KW, the Accelerated instant start current is 46-50A. The servo motor with the same power (12KW), the Accelerated instant start current at 35-38A only. 

3.The Servo motor with more fast forming Speed enable to get higher output:

The response speed of the servo motor is about 0.35S, and the response speed of the normal electrical motor  rquires  1S. 

For example, at idle speed, the motor does not rotate, when we give the command to start the vibration, the servo motor requires only 0.35S to reach 3000RPM,while for normal electrical motor, it takes 1S. 

Indonesia is an ASEAN economy with a GDP growth of 5.2% in 2018 and a population of 264 million. The booming infrastructure demand has made efforts to improve transportation facilities within Indonesia, such as toll roads, offshore toll road planning and development Throughout Indonesia to increase productivity. More foreign investment now has more corporate offices in Indonesia, spurring increasing office renovation projects to meet demand. Transportation upgrades include high-speed rail, light rail, and rapid transit that connect to rapidly expanding satellite cities. . Promote the completion of 1 million housing units to meet the growing needs of young families.

Overview of China-Indonesia bilateral trade: China-Indonesia bilateral economic and trade cooperation has achieved great development in recent years and has become Indonesia’s third largest trading partner. According to statistics from the Indonesian Statistics Bureau, the bilateral import and export volume of Indonesia and China in 2018 was US$58.57 billion, an increase 23.1%. Among them, Indonesia’s exports to China were US$22.81 billion, up 35.9%, accounting for 13.6% of its total exports; Indonesia’s imports from China were US$35.77 billion, up 16.1%, accounting for 22.8% of its total imports. Indonesia's trade deficit was US$12.96 billion, down 7.5%.

In order to do a better service for Indonesian customers,as well as the customers from ASEAN Countries,Hawen Machinery has set up the branch company in Indonesia:

Detail are as follows:


ADD:J1, Raya Taman No.169,Sepanjang,Kecamatan Taman Sidoarjo Jawa Timur 61257


Contact person:Mr.Martin 

As a professional manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machine in China, our mission is to provide the best quality of Machinery and Service for the Concrete Products Industry.

The block making equipments we manufacture are for every aspect of concrete products solution,such as common masonry like block & brick, paving stone,Curb stone, patio stone, segmental retaining wall products, fencing units, other landscape products.

Our molds are innovative, versatile, and capable of making the highest quality concrete products, we also manufacture molds for equipment built by other companies, like Japanese Tiger machine, German Hess machine and Masa machine,Zenith machine etc.

Welcome to visit our Official showroom in Made-in-China.com

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