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Hawen HWG-800 Servo vibration block making plant successful running in Africa

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“I like the quality of interlocking paver made by this machine so much,HWG-800 Hawen block making machine is a super paver and block machine with powerful vibration” When seeing the Zigzag paver coming out from the machine,said by customer Mr.Gabrriel,the CEO of the company,“This machine has given us the quality and speed we are seeking,the performance of your HW-800 Servo vibration block making machine has exceeded our expectations.”

Interlocking paver 200x100x80mm with 32pcs/mould made by Hawen  HWG-800 block making machine.

Mr.Gabrriel has been in block making machine business for more than ten years, “It is the first time for me to use Chinese machine,and it was a right decision for me to go for HAWEN block machine,the servo motor give us good vibration”

Overview of HWG-800 block making machine and Automatic block stacker,with facemix device(with second hopper),and Automatic Pallet provider.

“The batching accuracy of batching machine is good,especially that the concrete mixer hoist hopper come with a screen mesh,which can avoid the big size of stone entering the mould shoe,I don’t have to worry about the mould shoe and feeding cart to get damaged by the big stone”Explained by Mr.Gabrriel.

Side view of PL1200-3 Concrete batching machine,and Cement silo 


JS750 Twin-shaft Concrete mixer,with Cement scale and water scale, 6m Screw conveyor 

“The quality of your equipments is matched with your technical assistance service,definitely I will buy the second plant within the year 2021.” 

Due to the Covid-19, our technicians cannot be dispatched to Mr.Gabrriel in time,our local installation team have gave the considerable insallation&commssioning service for customer.

Automatic PLC Control system,being kept in the control room

Bevel paver at 200x100x60mm at 32pcs/mould made by HWG-800 block making machine 

Besides paver,HWG-800 block making machine also make Maxi brick at 290x140x90mm,it gets 24pcs/mould.  

As a professional manufacturer of Concrete Block Making Machine in China, our mission is to provide the best quality of Machinery and Service for the Concrete Products Industry.

The block making equipments we manufacture are for every aspect of concrete products solution,such as common masonry like block & brick, paving stone,Curb stone, patio stone, segmental retaining wall products, fencing units, other landscape products.

Our molds are innovative, versatile, and capable of making the highest quality concrete products, we also manufacture molds for equipment built by other companies, like Japanese Tiger machine, German Hess machine and Masa machine,Zenith machine etc.

Welcome to visit our official showroom in Made-in-China.com

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Website: www.hwmachines.com

WhatsApp(wechat): +8618959896890 

Email: export@hwmachines.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HAWENMACHINERY 

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