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Hawen QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Plant Successul Running in Thanh Hoa Province, Viet Nam

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“From the date of shipment until we start making the Brick,it takes only 20 days,it is really Incredible.

Your company's work efficiency is really beyond my imagination, I am very satisfied with your brick machine and your service!”Said by the Owner of the factory Mr.Xinh.

In the middle of December 2019,customer Mr.Xinh came to our factory to do the pre-shipment inspection for his machine,the machine was shipped to him after four days.

During the facbrication of our equipments,we had provided the foundation drawing to customer to prepare the foundation construction.

So before we ship the machine to customer, the foundation preparation,electricity and water,raw material has been ready in customer’factory.

With the joint efforts of the customer’s team and our technicians,the installation of machine being done within 4 days,and the start making the brick on the 5th day.

“Actually,we have signed three contracts for supply the solid brick and two holes brick with customer before the machine arrives,now the machine must run two shifts a day to meet the demand of our supplying requirement.”Said by Mr.Xinh.

Overview of Whole set of QT8-15 Automatic Block Making Plant
With Double Pallet of Automatic block stacker


Batching and mixing system:

PL1200-III Concrete Batching Machine

JS750 Twin-shafts Concrete Mixer

9m of Screw conveyor

Cement Scale  

Cement silo was prepared by customer locally so as to save the transportion cost.

The Pallet used by customer is GMT Pallet

Two holes Brick Made by QT8-15 block making machine,with the height at 210mm.
Two holes Brick Made by QT8-15 block making machine,with the height at 210mm.
QT8-15 Brick Making machine and Solid brick
QT8-15 Brick Making machine and Solid brick
Location of QT8-15 block making plant in Thanh Hoa Viet Nam
Location of QT8-15 block making plant in Thanh Hoa Viet Nam


In recent years, the speed of economic development in Vietnam has ranked among the top ten in the world. Vietnam's economy has entered a period of rapid growth. Infrastructure projects such as real estate, public transportation, and civilian facilities have been greatly launched, and a new wave of construction has begun in the construction of residential houses, emerging urban areas, industrial zones, and economic development zones.

According to relevant data, Vietnam ’s building and decorative materials industry has an annual economic growth rate of about 17-25%. Annual investment in housing needs is about 32 billion U.S. dollars. In the next 5-10 years, it is planned to invest 140 billion U.S. dollars for infrastructure construction. Demand for building materials is booming. And the business opportunities are huge. However, due to Vietnam's weak industrial foundation, weak investment funds from local enterprises, backward production processes, insufficient R & D capabilities of new products, and weak price competitiveness, Vietnam's building materials and building material equipment market has so far relied on imports,it will need quite a lot of block making machine in the nexg 5-10 years.


As a manufacturer of brick machine that has been rooted in the Vietnamese market for many years, we will continue to increase investment in the Vietnamese market, continue to develop the northern and southern markets in Vietnam, and do more contribution to the building materials market and construction market in Vietnam.



As a professional manufacturer of Concrete Block Making plant in China, our mission is to provide the best quality of Machinery and Service for the Concrete Products Industry.

We supply innovative and versatile production system,parts and support for our customers all over the world. 

The block making equipments we manufacture are for every aspect of concrete products solution,such as common masonry like block & brick, paving stone,Curb stone, patio stone, segmental retaining wall products, fencing units, other landscape products.

Our molds are innovative, versatile, and capable of making the highest quality concrete products, we also manufacture molds for equipment built by other companies, like Japanese Tiger machine, German Hess machine and Masa machine,Zenith machine etc.


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