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Hawen Supplied High End Paver Mold to North American client for HESS RH1500 Block Making Machine

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In June,2021, we delivered another high end paver mold for Hess RH1500 to North America customer who has been in concrete products manufacturing business for more than 150 years.

The first contract we dealt with SGL is really like a Marathon, specially in epidemic period. The first contact started from SGL Canada’s  inquiry by B2B platform in November ,2020, the purchasing manager briefly introduced their detail requirement for the paver molds.  

In generally, their demand is a very easy job for us to accomplish, but the curve surface of paver is a challenge in front of us, and the demand is different sizes of pavers to be made in the same mold. After serval meetings of our engineers and production team, we decided to request the client to courier us a plate sample of their paving block design, which assists us do the surface scanning by 3D technology to analyze the possibilities to manufacture this mold. The client was so cooperative to deliver us the sample by air courier. We successfully receive the curve surface plate sample, after analyzing of our advanced technology heat treatment and high grades of our steels, we guarantee SGL that we can supply the mold. Our engineers prepared the 3D drawings and mold drawings for SGL’s confirmation and SGL placed order to us at the same time.

Sample received from client and the 3D mould drawing provided to client

We started to draw mold manufacturing drawings and organize raw materials as soon as we received down payment and signed drawings from SGL, and make time table to update the client from time to time for the manufacturing procedure of the mold.

Top plate of moulds under fabrication in our workshop

Since it’s not possible for SGL to visit us during epidemic period, we took many photos and videos to them, and let them inspect the mold. We make the painting and packing as soon as the client confirm acceptance and delivery schedule for the mold. 

Stone face paver mould ready for shipment in our workshop

Since there was workers’ strike in transit port, SGL decided to ship the mold by 20 Foot full container via direct shipping line. To avoid any damage of the mold inside the container, we customize a wooden crate to pack the mold.

Mould packaging and container loading in our workshop 

SGL’s team highly praise our professional job and immediate reply for any of their questions, it’s a honor to work with such professional client for us, they help us to develop and grow the industry to benefit the construction field.

The ETA of the mold will be middle of August, 2021, we will keep posted on client’s feedback for the production performance of pavers and quality of our mold.

This mold combined advance technology of heat treatment with top quality of steels, we strongly believe the client will satisfy and purchase more paver molds from us. This mold is first most complicated one manufactured by China mold manufacturers, it’s a milestone for the industry and a responsibility for us to supply more high end quality molds to our clients, specially the high end block machine users. Till now, we supply high end molds to Masa and Hess block machines (Germany brands), Tiger block machines(Japanese brand), Besser(USA brand),etc. Should you have any inquiry for our high end molds, pls don’t hesitate to drop your requirements to us, together with us to develop the industry and benefit the society.

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