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KENYA adds one Hawen QT10-15 block making plant to Lead High Quality Concrete Block Production

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After the efforts of our local technician and customer professional teams, another Hawen QT10-15 automatic block making plant was successfully put into production at the beginning of October 2022 in Kenya,East Africa.

The factory is located in Moi's Bridge Kenya, the customer is one of the most famous local company to provide Construction aggregate(Ballast) to residential and commercial customers with their own Quarry for many years.


Location of Mois bridge Kenya in Map

Moi's Bridge is a town that has its roots both in Uasin Gishu County, Trans Nzoia County and Kakamega County, Kenya. It is a town that has since grown as an agricultural center with the third largest NCPB in East Africa. Moi's Bridge is an electoral ward of the Soy Constituency and Uasin Gishu County. It is an important Kenyan area, often named as the 'bread basket' of Kenya

Before the container arrived customer’s site, the foundation construction has been completed. The layout and foundation for QT10-15 block making plant has been provided to customer before the shipment of equipment.图片2

Overview of Complete QT10-15 block making plant on site

Below will share more pictures of Installation of this QT10-15 block making plant

Customer will use the bulk cement for this block making plant, in order to save the sea freight cost,we provided the bolted-type 100Ton cement silo for customer, it is easy to be assembled locally by customer.图片3

100Ton Bolted-type Steel Silo under assembling on site by customer

All the cement tank for Cement silo, as well as the Cement silo accessories has been provided by our company to customer,such as Dust filter for cement silo,level indicator, silo discharging valve, control cabinet for dust filter and level indicator,ladder seal ,bolt and nut,inlet pipe for cement silo etc.. 图片4

 100Ton Cement silo working on site,with Screw conveyor

Cement will be pumped into the Cement silo from Local cement truck via inlet pipe,the input weight of cement can be set on the touch panel,and the balance of cement will be shown in the touch panel automatically, it will alarm when the balance of cement is not enough for production.图片5

Concrete batching machine with three bins being lifted by Crane

The batching machine is in-line type,will be used to stored the aggregate such as the crushed stone,stone powder,stand etc.,with automatic central control system,it allows to weigh the raw material accurately.图片6

Concrete Batching machine in working condition on site

The raw material will be loaded into the storage bin of batching machine by a wheel loader(can be 3Ton or 5Ton), and it will be discharged to the weighing conveyor belt under the storage bin according to the targeted weight set on the control system,the weighing sensors has been installed on four sides of conveyor belt to ensure the accurate weighing.图片7

 JS1000 Twin-shafts Concrete mixer under installation on site

The design of mixing stand with hook included,it can be attached to mixing platform and to be lifted by crane to stand on the mixer foundation directly,easy and convenient for installation. 图片8

The complete mixing system with bucket hopper and weighing system

The discharging height of mixing tower is 3800mm, it allows the mixer truck to enter for ready mix production. With a transit hopper to be installed under the mixing platform,the mixer can be flexibly converted to concrete block production mode or precast production mode.图片9

Overview of whole QT10-15 block making machine on site

The forming system consists of block making machine and face mix device,the face mix device can be moved to front part when customer make hollow block and solid block.The PLC Control system with SIEMENS touch panel and SIEMENS PLC are included,the parameter can be set from the touch panel easily according to different concrete products production.


Automatic block stacker for QT10-15 block making plant

The automatic block stacker can stack the hollow block or solid block or paver into multiple layers, and then to be transferred by Forklift to stock yard,greatly improve the working efficiency of the block making plant.图片11

Solid block at 390x190x190mm made by QT10-15 Block making machine on site

The capacity of 4inch,6inch,8inch of solid block are as follows:

- 8inch 390x190x190mm: 10pcs per drop;

- 6inch 390x140x190mm: 12pcs per drop;

- 4inch 390x90x190mm:  18pcs per drop.图片12

Hollow block 390x190x190mm made by QT10-15 block making machine on site

The capacity of 4inch,6inch,8inch of Hollow block are as follows:

- 8inch 390x190x190mm: 10pcs per drop;

- 6inch 390x140x190mm: 12pcs per drop;

- 4inch 390x90x190mm:  18pcs per drop.


Interlocking paver made by QT10-15 paver block making machine on site

The capacity of interlocking paver are as follows:

Quad paver(Rectangular paver) 200x100x60mm:36pcs/drop

Uni paver (Interlocking paver) 200x100x60mm:36pcs/drop

Octagonal paver 236x236x60mm: 12pcs/drop

“We decided to invest in Hawen equipment because we firmly believe that Hawen machinery produces the most accurate and consistent blocks on the market.”Said by the owner of the factory.

In Hawen machinery,we believe that supplying the best quality of block making machine and service in the industry for our customers is our first priority.Excellent service is one of the many attributes that keep our customers coming back to fulfill their equipment needs for the production of quality concrete products.

With the launch of this new QT10-15 block making plant,besides the construction aggregate,customer will have new products of Hollow block,Solid block,interlocking paver, ready mix,we believe it will help customer to achieve tremendous progress by a wide range of  concrete products and excellent customer service.

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