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National construction waste resource utilization industry difficult technology solutions conference

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National construction waste resource utilization industry difficult technology solutions special session and construction waste advanced applicable technology and equipment promotion conference was successful held on September 7, 2020 in Jinan City, Shandong Province.As a global brick-making integrated solution supplier, Hawen machinery have been in the construction of solid waste resource utilization brick research for many years, was invited to attend the conference.

The conference was jointly organized by China Industrial Solid Waste Network and Industrial Solid Waste Integrated Use of Scientific and Technological Achievements Transformation Platform, Shandong Recycling Economy Association, Shandong University of Architecture School of Civil Engineering, Shandong Province Regional Resources and Environmental Development Research Institute.

Last year, the launch of the "waste-free city" pilot work attracted a lot of attention in the industry, "11 plus 5" cities and regions into the pilot city list, planning to promote construction in an orderly manner throughout the country. Behind the construction of "waste-free city", there are trillions of yuan of market space. In terms of resourceization, it will bring a new round of development opportunities to the construction waste resource industry, of which, the value of solid waste recovery of major "urban mines" exceeds one trillion yuan.

 Different customers in the worldwide using Hawen block making machines

After years of development, Hawen Machinery has become a high-tech enterprise with international vision and business ability, for the development of a city, to provide building solid waste brick integration solutions for the customer, in the future, Hawen Machinery will continue to practice Xi Jinping General Secretary 'Green Water Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan' concept, for the current rapid development of the "two new and one" construction and old community transformation, to make a new and greater contribution for the development and construction of “waste-free city”.

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The block making equipments we manufacture are for every aspect of concrete products solution,such as common masonry like block & brick, paving stone,Curb stone, patio stone, segmental retaining wall products, fencing units, other landscape products.

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