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Overseas Kenya project News | Hawen QT10 Automatic Block Machine hot testing before delivery

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Every Hawen block making machine to be shipped overseas customer,it must be tested with material in our workshop,to ensure it works perfectly before delivery.

All the block making machine is not allowed to leave factory without getting the approval from the Quality inspection department.

On the middle of May, the assembly job for QT10-15 block making machine for Kenya customer has been done,our factory testing department start the testing with material according to the molds ordered by customer.


Hollow block mould 390x190x190mm being installed in QT10-15 block making machine


Hollow block at 390x190x190mm at 10pcs/mould made from QT10-15 block making machine

This QT10-15 block making machine come with Facemix device,which allows to make the interlocking paver with topping color.

After the hollow block testing has been done, the mould was changed from hollow block mould to interlocking paver mould.


Flow type interlocking paver mould being installed in QT10-15 block making machine


Interlocking paver mould being made by QT10-15 block making machine with cement color.

The empty testing and hot testing last more than one week in our workshop, though it takes time for us, we are sure that it help customer spend less time on the commissioning after installation on site.

After the testing is done, the machine was disassembled for cleaning and painting and start the procedure of pre-shipment preparation.

Machine feature of QT10-15 block making machine.

Vibration System
Dynamic and static vibration table, which is designed to ensure the amplitude of the vibration table.The vertical vibration made by eccentric vibration shaft will guarantee the quality and density of concrete products.
Hydraulic system
The double vane pump is world famous brand "Yuken" to coordinate proportional valve,the vibration amplitude and frequency could be adjusted freely. With proportional valve, the flow and pressure of each movement could be adjusted on touch panel according to actual situation, different movements on the machine could be performed simultaneously.
PLC Control system
The PLC and Touch Panel are world-famous brand SIEMENS.  The electrical components of the control system use well-known international brands, such as Schneider ABB etc., to ensure the stability of the control system. Remote service  and Internet of Things(IoT) technology in our control system allows our customer could resolve the problem in shortest time with the remote assistance by our engineer.

More information about our block making machine,please contact our sales team: export@hwmachines.com

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