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Overseas shipment News | Hawen QT10 Automatic Block plant successful delivered to Kenya

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At the beginning of June 2022,one complete QT10-15 block making machine production line was loaded into container for customer from Kenya.

The QT10-15 Automatic block making plant consists of automatic batching & mixing system,automatic forming system, automatic block stacker system and automatic pallet providing system.

Container loading site:


         Automatic concrete batching machine loading into container,Concrete batching machine With three storage bins


                                      Automatic twin-shafts concrete mixer being loaded into container


                       QT10-15 Automatic block making machine with facemix device being loading into container


Container loading gallery,all the goods in the container with film wrapping under good protection to be suitable for long-distance transportation

Background of the project:

The customer is a local well-know mining developer, with their own quarry producing raw material such as crushed stone and stone powder for many years.

With the rapid development of the building materials market and the continuous improvement of infrastructure construction in Kenya in recent years , the demand for concrete block and concrete paving stone is increasing.The customer urgently needed an automated brick making machine production line to meet the growing market demand for concrete products. After after a comprehensive comparison of brick making machine quality and after-sales service as well as the equipments price, finally choosed Hawen QT10-15 block making machine for this project.


                    The foundation construction work at customer's site has been started

We believe that after the project is officially put into operation, this QT10-15 block production line will produce high-quality block and cabro (paver) products and make a great contribution to improve the diversity and quality of local Concrete products in Kenya.

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