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What are the product advantages of automatic block machine?

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The overall structure of the cement block making machine is compact, the equipment is reasonable, and the rotating parts are mechanized, which is accurate and reliable. Reduce labor intensity and improve production efficiency. Imprint and impression, directional vibration, variable frequency brakes to achieve a high density, high strength mold effect.

  • What are the product advantages of automatic block machine?

  • What components does a block machine consist of?

  • What are the performance advantages of the block machine?

What are the product advantages of automatic block machine?

1.The core components of automatic block machine are manufactured with precision, and the anti-fatigue design is adopted to extend the life of the block making machine.

2.The stimulating force is strong and the strength can reach 2.5-15 MPa under the condition of an ordinary mixing ratio.

3.The automatic block machine uses the double rod guide method and the well-matched super long guide sleeve to ensure the accurate operation of the indenter and mold. The basic and key parts are cast in one piece, the outer frame is made of thick-walled, high-strength steel and a special welding technique.

What components does a block machine consist of?

The operating system of the block machine is controlled by a programmable PLC and a human-machine interface touch screen, which is equipped with a data input device, safety logic control and fault diagnosis system, which can realize an ideal human-machine dialogue. Perform manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation modes. The parameters of each actuator can be set as desired. The quality and efficiency of the product can be guaranteed.

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The block machine is designed with high performance structure. Manufactured by special welding technology made of high-strength steel. It can ensure that the body has good stiffness and good dead weight and does not resonate with the excitation system. It can extend the service life of the machine.

The block machine uses a closed belt conveyor and strictly controls the half-storage volume of small materials, so that they can be used at any time, to prevent the concrete from liquefying in advance due to the influence of aftershocks, and to ensure the strength of the product.

What are the performance advantages of the block machine?

The unique vibration form of block machine: the computer controls the flow and pressure of the hydraulic system to complete vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion and braking; The advanced form of compression and vibration of the table shape allows the concrete to completely liquefy and exhaust within 2-3 seconds. Use excess oil when it is under pressure and convert it into shock force, essentially eliminating energy consumption.

Reasonable vibration distribution of the block machine: the mold box is locked by the scraper oil cylinder on the vibration table, and the mold table vibrates together; A special vibrator is installed on the penetrator to increase the effect of the vibration speed. This form of vibration allows the concrete to liquefy quickly, exhaust and the product to achieve high density and high strength. A variety of waste ash, waste slag, slag, slag, coal ore, volcanic ash, coal ash, rockfall and construction debris can be used in a large proportion to produce various high-quality load-bearing or non-load-bearing products.

Driven by innovation and led by experience, block machine can offer comprehensive solutions from single machines, complete lines to installation, commissioning and lifetime maintenance.

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