Automatic strap packing machine in Saudi Arabia.

On March 20th 2024, an automatic strap packing machine was shipped to Saudi Arabia.

Automatic strap packing machine is applied PET strap, used for packing a whole stack of block/brick together after the concrete block/brick come out from our automatic cuber system, after the block and brick being strapped, it can prevent damage during transportation and storage. Additionally, using automatic strap packing machine can save at least two labors, can also provide a more consistent and secure strapping job, meanwhile, it save time compare with manual strapping. In a word, using automatic strapping machine can greatly improve the automation of the whole factory.


This system could match all our QT series automatic block production line, and designed to work with a variety of different shapes of block, brick and interlock paver and curb stone.


Automatic strapping machine in working condition


Strapped concrete brick package in stock yard

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