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Automatic Offline Palletizing System in Block Making

Price: Negotiable
Model: HW-1200
Space Required: 15000x13000mm
Max Stacking Size: 1500mm
Stacking Dimension: 1000-1200mm
Cycle Time: 15-20s per cycle
Installation Power: 29.5KW
Actual Power Consumption: 15KW/hour
Gross Weight: 11T
Certification: CE, ISO
Place of Origin: CHINA.
Trading Method: FOB/CIF/EXW Xiamen Port

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The Automatic Offline Palletizing System in Block-Making is a cutting-edge solution designed to streamline the palletizing process for block-making operations.

This innovative system utilizes advanced technology to automate the palletizing of blocks, offering increased efficiency, productivity, and precision.

Technical Features:

The system incorporates a sophisticated robotic arm equipped with intelligent sensors and software, allowing for precise and swift palletizing of blocks in various sizes and configurations.    The user-friendly interface enables easy programming of palletizing patterns, ensuring flexibility to accommodate diverse block designs.

Additionally, the system is equipped with safety features to prevent accidents and ensure smooth operation.

Many block factories running Simple Automatic block production line faces two problems:

● Labor cost is increasing day by day;

It requires quite a lot of labors for dry block/brick stacking,whats more,it is difficult to get labors;

HW-1200 Automatic offline palletizing system is developed to solve the above problems.

It is an offline system, generally to be placed close to the curing yard of the factory,off from the block production line.

It is used to separate the dry block/brick from the pallet automatically and stack the block/brick into multi-layer with ready-for-sales status.




Space required



Max Stacking size



Stacking dimension



Cycle time

15-20s per cycle


Gross weight



Installation power



Actual power consumption


brick stacking system.jpg

The Automatic Offline Palletizing System offers several key functions that contribute to its exceptional performance.   

These include precise stacking of blocks on pallets, automatic adjustment to accommodate different block sizes, and seamless integration with existing block-making machinery.

Furthermore, the system can operate offline, allowing for continuous palletizing even when the main production line is halted.


In conclusion, the Automatic Offline Palletizing System in Block-Making represents a significant advancement in the automation of palletizing processes for block-making operations.

With its advanced technology, versatile applications, and key functions, this system is poised to revolutionize palletizing efficiency within the industry.


It is suitable for different shape of concrete products,such as hollow block,solid block,solid brick,paving stone;

It can be packed into different packing size at 1000-1200mm,such as 1000x1000mm or 1200x1200mm and the height up to 1500mm;

Wooden pallet free, with Grouping system,forklift holes can be reserved in the brick stack for easy transferring from stock yard to truck, block/brick can be sold without wooden pallet to save the cost.

The palletizing system can also be connected with production line,thus empty pallet can be returned to the pallet storage box of block making machine.

● The system is controlled by PLC and the parameter can be set from the touch panel of control system.

This palletizing system is ideally suited for use in block-making facilities, where it can be seamlessly integrated into the production line to automate the palletizing process.

It can handle a wide range of block types, including concrete blocks, paving stones, and interlocking bricks, making it a versatile solution for diverse applications within the block-making industry.  

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