Concrete batching plant in Tanzania

Hawen PL1200-III concrete batching plant is shipped to customer from Tanzania at the end of May.


Concrete batching machines play a crucial role in the block making industry by accurately and efficiently measuring and mixing the raw materials needed for block production. These machines have found versatile applications in various areas of block making, contributing to improved productivity and product quality.


Concrete batching machines are extensively used in construction projects for producing concrete blocks. It ensure precise measurement and mixing of raw materials, resulting in high-quality concrete blocks that meet the required strength and durability standards.


Whether it's for residential, commercial, or infrastructure projects, concrete batching machines are essential for producing blocks used in building foundations, walls, and other structural components.


Hawen Machinery can provide different capacity of batching machine according to customer’s demand, such as PL800-I with single bin, PL800-II with two bins, PL1200-III with three bins or PL1200-IV with four storage bin, PL1600-III with three bin or PL1600-IV with four bins, PL2400-III with three storage bin,PL2400-IV with four storage bin etc.,it can be used for both block making machine plant or ready mixed batching plant.

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