Concrete mould in Indonesia

On 24th,April 2024 we load 12 sets of concrete block mould to our Indonesian customer, who has already bought our two sets of QT4-15 automatic block making machine. The moulds covers hollow block, interlocking paver and curb stone.


Now the government has been relatively positive for the construction industry – which accounted for 4.86% of the nation’s Gross Domestic Product from 2023, making it the fifth largest contributor of the national economy. So many block factories got many orders about municipal engineering, like pavement brick , slope protection brick and curbstone. The overall trend has led most other institutions to forecast an annual growth rate of between 4 and 7% all the way from 2024 through to 2029.


We offer concrete moulds not only for our machine customer, also welcome customized mould from other brand machine, before we often cooperated with Germany machine HESS, MASA, Japanese TIGER, American BESSER and some Spanish and Colombian block machine users. We could produce the same mould as original one if the customer could offer the mould drawing or accurate mould size. All the moulds are though carburization heat treatment to realize producing 80000-100000 times press lifetime and all the paver mould are by wire cutting.


Please contact us if you also have need for concrete block mould.


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