High end quality paver mould in UAE

On 6th May 2024, we load 6 sets of high end concrete interlock paver moulds to our UAE customer, all these interlocking paver moulds for the block making machine with the pallet size at 1400x1200mm.


Through researching some suppliers quality and price, he thoughts our products are the most economic and the moulds design could match their machine precisely.


We sincerely offer good product to our customers :

1.Customized Design: we collaborated closely with our client to understand their design specifications and create customized moulds accordingly. This ensured that the moulds would perfectly fit the client's concrete block machines and produce the desired shapes and sizes. Even high end and complicated design mould.

2.High-Quality Materials:we utilized premium-grade low carbon alloy high strength carburizing steel materials to manufacture the moulds, ensuring durability and longevity.

3.Precise Manufacturing Process: State-of-the-art high hardness and wear resistance coating on mould surface and carburization heat treatment manufacturing techniques were employed to ensure accurate dimensions and flawless finish of the moulds.

4.Quality Control: we implemented strict quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee adherence to international standards.

5.Competitive Price:we offered competitive price to meet deserved quality and performance of the moulds.

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