Two sets of planetary mixer running successfully in Israel

Our Israel customer apply one set of MP750 planetary mixer for aggregate material mixing in block production, and the other is MP330 planetary mixer for color paver brick material mixing.


Now many customers want to choose planetary mixer, because planetary mixer is a type of mixer that has a unique motion pattern. It moves in a circular motion while the attachment spins in the opposite direction, allowing it to reach all parts of the tank. This makes it ideal for mixing concrete, ensuring that the ingredients are mixed evenly. Additionally, they are often more powerful than other types of mixers.


Planetary mixer inside structure

Having a good mixer is important for brick/block production. A good mixer could mix aggregate, sand and water together to create a uniform mixture that can produce more consistent and homogeneous concrete because they mix the ingredients more thoroughly. Also compared with twin shaft mixer, planetary mixer with less maintenance, more easy for cleaning after work.


Planetary mixer in Israel customer factory.

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