Concrete JS750 twin shaft mixer in Uganda

Hawen JS750 horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer is shipped to customer from Uganda at the end of May.


The horizontal twin-shaft concrete mixer is a vital component in the brick making industry, known for its exceptional mixing performance and efficiency. It is designed to handle the rigorous demands of brick production, ensuring the consistent and high-quality mixing of concrete materials.


The twin-shaft concrete mixer is equipped with two synchronized horizontal shafts that run at high speeds, allowing for thorough and uniform mixing of materials. Its robust design and advanced mixing blades enable it to effectively blend various aggregates, cement, and water to produce high-strength concrete for brick making.   The mixer also incorporates a reliable hydraulic system for smooth operation and precise control over the mixing process.



Hawen Machinery can provide different capacity of horizontal twin shaft concrete mixer according to customer’s demand from JS500-JS1500 with skip bucket or belt conveyor. It can be used for both block making machine plant or ready mixed batching plant.


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