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GMT pallet In Brazil

On 22th,April 2024 we load a 20GP container of GMT pallet to our Brazil customer, with the pallet size at 1100x1100x45mm, the customer replace all the wooden pallet to GMT pallet, because of its high intensity and resistance. He totally needs 3 containers of GMT pallet, this is the first container, another two containers are in the production and will ship in the middle of next month.


GMT Pallet is a standardized plastic pallets that provide an economical solution for block production. It is made of fiber glass as reinforcing material and thermoplastic   resin composite material, through heating and pressurizing, which is widely used for brick factory as production pallet.


GMT Pallets now is more popular than traditional wooden pallets because they are non-porous, so they will not absorb moisture or spills like wood can. This makes them ideal for use in wet or humid environments. GMT Pallets are also significantly more resistant to insects and rodents than wooden pallets, making them ideal for storage in areas where these pests are a problem.

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