QT10 block making machine Hot testing successful done in South Africa

In addition to strict quality control in production process,hot testing with material for our block making machine before delivery is one of the most critical procedure that must be done in our workshop before shipment.

By the middle of September, another one set of HAWEN QT10-15 block making machine tested with material in our workshop.The machine will be shipped to our esteemed customer from South Africa.


Hollow block mould 390x140x190mm being installed in QT10-15 block making machine


M140 Hollow block at the size of 390x140x190mm at 14pcs/mould

M140 Hollow block at 390x140x190mm is one of the most popular size of hollow block widely used by customers in South Africa. Customer also ordered the others moulds such as the stock brick mould at 200x100x70mm, maxie brick mould at 290x90x140mm.

 Japanese “YUKEN” Hydraulic valves used in our hydraulic system 

Yuken,as Hydraulic specialists,its products are recognised as an industry leading brand,utilised in various regular and specialist applications around the world. All the double proportional hydraulic valve,single proportional hydraulic valve, directional hydraulic used in our hydraulic system in our block making machine are Yuken brand,it has been stable using on our block machine for several years.

 Airbag system for mould fasten used in block making machine 

In order to help customer change the mould in short time,the GERMAN made Airbag has been used in mould fasten,which can fasten the mould in short time and change the mould easily.

The machine will be disassembled and do the polishing after the testing,then start the painting,it will be shipped to customer before the end of the month. 

Hawen QT10-15 block making machine is designed to consistently produce high quality block and bricks, industrial strength paver, solid blocks, retaining wall blocks, kerb stone, as well as special products from 45 mm up to 400 mm height.

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