QT10 Concrete block making machine project put into production in ISRAEL

On July 2023, one set of Hawen QT10-15 Plus Concrete block making plant was put into production in Israel.


Location of Israel in Map

Israel, Arabic Isrāʾīl, officially State of Israel or Hebrew Medinat Yisraʾel, country in the Middle East, located at the eastern end of the Mediterranean Sea. The QT10-15 block making plant factory located in Yarka, Northern District of Israel.


The complete QT10-15 block making production line consist of automatic batching and mixing system,automatic forming system, automatic pallet supply, automatic block stacker,using PVC Pallet for production.

For mixing system, there are two Planetary mixers included for mixing the bottom layer material and face material.

“Thanks for your after sales service team,you provide excellent service on the plant installation and commissioning,we are very happy for the quality of curb stone,paving stone made by this QT10-15 block making machine”,said by the owner of the factory,Mr.Mulla,who is a young man and first time to start this concrete block making business,“we hope to start the second plant soon by next year,the demand of paving stone is very big in Israel.” 

Below to share some pictures of the factory as well as the concrete curb stone and paving stone made by customer:

As the labor cost is very high in Israel, it is costly to use numbers of labors to collect the paver block from the pallet and do the packing, the offline cuber system with automatic strapping system ordered by customer which under production will be ready for shipment by the end of August.

With the launch of this new QT10-15 block making plant,we believe it will help customer to achieve tremendous progress by a wide range of  concrete products and excellent customer service.And the offline cuber system and strapping machine will greatly improve the automation of the whole factory,enhance the production capacity of the factory.

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