QT10-15 block making machine in Zambia

On 18th April 2024 we load an fully automatic block production line to Zambia, it include PL1600-3 Concrete batching machine, JS1000 Twin shafts concrete mixer, QT10-15 block making machine, automatic block stacker, automatic pallet supply, 2000 GMT pallets, and 8 sets of mould. Our Zambia customer is a local famous contractor, his concrete products are not only for selling but also for his own construction project.


The QT10--15 is a big capacity machine, with pallet size at 1150x950mm, it allows to make the standard 6 inch hollow block at 390x140x190mm at 14 pcs/drop, holland color paver 200x100x60mm at 36 pcs/drop. One block machine could produce hollow block, solid brick, interlock paver, curbtone and big size water conservacy block, just by changing mould.


All the production line apply Germany advance technology, like Siemens control system and PLC, Japanese Yuken hydraulic system, with static and dynamic vibration table, and carburization mould to make sure to produce high quality product.


Now we have different size of machine as customer different capacity requirements, from small size QT4, medium size QT6 and QT8 and big size QT10, QT12 and QT15. Especially QT15-15 block machine, which is very popular in Middle East and European countries because of its high capacity and stable product quality, so please contact us if also have the same need, will offer One-stop solutions for your concrete Block industry.

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