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QT12 Automatic Block Machine Was Delivered To Vietnam

On the second week of May 2022,one set of Hawen QT12-15 block making machine production line has been delivered to Vietnam through Youyiguan Pass, on the Border of China and Vietnam,Customer could receive our equipment within one week with inland transportation.


Complete set of QT12-15 Block production line leaving our factory

It is our second time cooperation with the customer, the first machine is a medium size machine,model QT8-15 block making machine with the pallet size at 980x880mm, which was installed in 2018.

The client has his own block factory and also undertake local construction project, so face to the excessive block/paver requirement, he decided to enlarge factory productivity.

After the market research ,customer decided to go for QT12-15 block making machine with the pallet size at 1400x900mm,it can make standard Vietnamese solid brick at 220x60x105mm at 60pcs/mould, allows to get 115,000pcs per shift.


      Front view of QT12-15 block making machine


Side view of QT12-15 block making machine


The order including one set of QT12-15 Automatic block production line and one set of Offline packing system.

The production line consist of Concrete batching machine,Concrete mixer, Block making machine, Automatic block stacker, Automatic Pallet provider, as well as the GMT Pallet.


Hydraulic station,PLC Control cabinet,Pallet feeder and wet block conveyor were with flim wrapping during transportation


QT12-15 is a hydraulically operated universal block machine ,it is well known for its high performance and excellent flexibility.  The intuitive control makes this the ideal machine for the economic production of paving stones, large slabs, kerbs, hollow /solid blocks and special products.

One complete set of Automatic offline Cuber system being loaded onto one truck.

Special hollow block made by HAWEN QT12-15 block making machine

8inch hollow block at 400x200x200mm at 12pcs/mould made by QT12-15 block making machine


QT12-15 Cement brick making machine is fully automatic with PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) intelligent control.

The control system of brick making machine is equipped with SIEMENS PLC, production program, malfunction diagnosis system and remote control function,easy for operation and maintenance.

Main forming machine equipped with a basic Face-mix device,it can make the double layer paving stone just by changing the mould.


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