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Automatic hollow block and paver making plant in Cambodia


A customer in Cambodia was looking to set up an automated production plant for manufacturing hollow blocks and pavers.

They wanted a high-quality and efficient automated plant that could produce a large number of blocks and pavers in a short time. The customer approached us to design and install an automatic hollow block and paver making plant that would meet all their requirements.


The customer had specific requirements which included producing blocks and pavers of different sizes, shapes, and colors. In addition, they wanted the plant to be fully automated with minimum manual intervention.

The installation site was limited, and we had to design the plant keeping in mind the available space.


After understanding the customer's requirements, we designed a fully automated plant that incorporated a variety of machines such as a concrete batching plant, a mixer, a conveyor system, and hydraulic press machines.

We customized the machines to produce hollow blocks and pavers of different sizes and shapes as per the customer's requirements. All the machines were connected through a PLC-based control system and operated seamlessly to produce uniform blocks and pavers.

To ensure minimal manual intervention, we installed sensors and cameras throughout the plant to monitor the production process. Any deviations were immediately detected, and corrective action was taken. The entire process was streamlined to reduce wastage, increase productivity, and ensure consistent quality.

hollow block and paver making plant


Our team successfully installed the automated hollow block and paver making plant within the stipulated time frame. The customer was extremely satisfied with the outcome as the plant met all their requirements and produced high-quality blocks and pavers consistently. The plant helped the customer increase their productivity and reduced their labor costs. The customer praised our team's expertise and professionalism and expressed their desire to partner with us for future projects.


The successful installation of the automatic hollow block and paver making plant for our customer in Cambodia was a result of our team's dedication and expertise. The plant's fully automated system reduced labor costs and increased productivity, resulting in high-quality blocks and pavers consistently.

We are proud to have delivered a plant that exceeded the customer's expectations and helped them achieve their business goals.

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