Fully Automatic block production line in Qatar

Fully automatic block production line with curing chamber is a type of automatic block manufacturing plant that can produce blocks, interlocking paver, kerb stone automatically without human intervention. It typically consists of several system that work together to make the blocks, and then stack them for packaging and transportation.The process is highly automated and efficient.


On the third week of May,there is one set of QT15 Fully Automatic production line delivered to our customer from Doha, Qatar.

The complete plant consist of:

- Automatic Batching and Mixing system,concrete mixer using Planetary mixer;

- Automatic forming system: Main forming machine with Facemix device, with automatic quick-mold changing device, allows to change the mold within 5 minutes.The main forming machine with the pallet size at 1400x1200mm, allow to make 8 inch hollow block 400x200x200mm at         15pcs/mould, 2700~2800pcs/hour. It can make the hollow block, interlocking paver, kerb stone, and the max height of product can be made up to 400mm.

-Elevator and lowerator system, each layer with double pallet, totally 12 layers, allows to carry 24 pallets in total.

- Finger Cart system: Same as elevator and and lowerator system, the finger cart allows to carry 2 pallets each layer, with 12 layers.

- Automatic Cuber system,it allows to pack the hollow block and paving stone into package ready for truck loading automatically.

- Steel structure curing chamber, the curing chamber construction build by steel structure with bolting,without any welding.


For this QT15 Fully Automatic block production line, the main forming machine equipped with a servo-driven vibration system with 4 Italian Servo motors, each servo motor being control by one single diver, without vibration box, for efficient production of concrete products

We believe the new launch of this QT15 Fully Automatic block production line will help customer produce more high-quality concrete products in their local market.


Right now, customer is busy preparing all the foundation work and the curing chamber construction and waiting for the machinery arrives at their site. HAWEN machinery will send our professional experienced engineer to their site for the machine installation&commissioning, testing and training once the foundation construction preparation is done.



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