QT4-15 automatic block & paver making plant has been delivered in Guinea, West Africa

On the second week of January 2023, another one set of Hawen QT4-15 automatic block & paver making plant has been delivered to Guinea, West Africa.

Nowadays many European and American investors see the development prospect of  Africa, and our customer from Middle Europe who invest some construction projects in West Africa. Through research and negotiation he decide to start from economical  QT4-15 automatic block machine.


The machine tested in the factory to ensure to produce perfect final product and painted machine after get customer confirmation.


The complete plant consists of automatic mixing system, automatic stacker system,

automatic forming system ,GMT pallet, power supply (Generator), as well as 3 Ton Diesel Forklift for transferring the block. Besides the plant ,various types of concrete hollow block mould,interlocking paver mould,Curb stone mould also included in the shipment,it will help customer to make different high quality of concrete products to meet the demand in Guinea market.


 Please contact our team to get the solution of concrete block making plant if you are also interested in automatic concrete block/brick production line.

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