The QT4-15 automatic block making machine arrived in Conakry, Guinea finally.

Through 50days shipment , The QT4-15 automatic block making machine arrived in Conakry, Guinea finally.

Our customer come from European country KOSOVO, before he had already invested many business there. Now he saw the block business prospect, through a few months inspection and researching, he decide to buy our machine to develop his block business there.

Under our experienced engineer guidance, they only spend 4 days to finish machine installation.


The QT4-15 automatic production line include concrete mixer, QT4-15 main machine, facemix device and automatic block stacker, and 7 moulds.


Our customer said nearby block factory are manual production, they used plastic mould to produce paver which strength is not enough to reach government request, now he is very happy to see his machine could produce automatically with high capacity and high strength.


Our engineer test very moulds and record the recipes in the touch screen so that the workers could produce more easily, they could produce block directly when search the recipe in the Siemens touch screen.

It spend another 2 weeks to train workers. Now the workers could produce block by themselves and know how to change mould, also have some basic knowledge of machine and electricity.

Please ensure when you choose us, we will responsible for our customer from place order to installation and training, and always keep in touch by long range control in future production.

Our company tent is offering good machine and professional service for customers, committing to build win-win cooperation and explore more business opportunities.


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