QT6 High Quality paver block making plant in Indonesia

Through two weeks shipment, in the middle of August 2022, our QT6-15 automatic block making machine production line arrived our customer site, Pontianak Indonesia.

The whole machine production line consist of PL800-2 batching machine with two bins, JS500 concrete mixer with automatic cement weighing scale, QT6-15 automatic block machine with facemix device(color feeding system), automatic block stacker, automatic pallet feeder, fiber glass block pallet, screw conveyor and Cement silo,which is a fully automatic production line.

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Overview of whole QT6-15 block making plant in workshop


As we have branch office in Indonesia with after sale service team available for our customer, our technician send from Surabaya to customer factory immediately after the brick making machine arrived, and started the installation of the whole block production line.


It takes one week for the block making machine,concrete batching machine and concrete mixer erection, as well as the wiring connection,another one week for the block production line commissioning and training to customer’s staffs.The whole block production line start running at the beginning of September.


“The installation and commissioning of the equipment was completed in such a short time, and we made the the high-quality of paver block successfully. This is really beyond my expectations. Thank you very much to the team of your company.”After seeing the paver block coming out from the machine one pallet by one pallet,the owner of company Mr.Christine said excitedly.


With Automatic batching machine and cement scale, it allows to weigh aggregate and cement more accurate to reach precise proportion so that could produce more perfect products. Twin-shafts automatic mixer with good mixing output continuously provide the mixed material to the paver block making machine.


Batching and mixing system at customer factory, batching machine with two bins, JS500 Twin-shafts concrete mixer with bucket hoist hopper system,with cement weighing system.


QT6-15 block making machine machine is multifunctional which allows to make the hollow block, paving stone and curb stone by changing the mould only.

Front view of QT6-15 paver block making machine with Automatic block stacker




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