Two sets of Automatic Block making plants successful delivered in Indonesia

By the middle of November, there were two sets of Hawen automatic block making machine plant sent to Indonesia. The two different customers were from different cities but they were both recommend by our Indonesian old customer. We had already installed three block production lines in Indonesia, QT4-15 and QT10-15 Automatic block production line, and QT6-15 fully automatic production line with silo using bulk cement.


QT6 fully automatic block production line:Concrete batching machine, JS500 horizontal twin shaft mixer with automatic cement weighting system, block machine,automatic  block  stacker,  automatic pallet feeder ,cement silo

The two clients visited our block production site in Indonesia and were very satisfied with our machine, so they placed order almost at the same time last month. Through one month production and commissioning we arranged to load two production lines in the middle of November.

QT7-15 automatic block production line:block machine, facemix device, pallet feeder and wet block conveyor, automatic stacker, control system, hydraulic station, 1500 GMT pallets

GMT Pallet Container loading  loading for QT7-15 block making machine

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QT10-15 automatic block production line:block machine with facemix device, pallet feeder and wet block conveyor, automatic stacker, control system, hydraulic station, 1500 GMT pallets


It will take around 15 days from Xiamen port China to Indonesia, and our technician from our Indonesia office will be dispatched to guild our customer to install the machine and train workers.

Welcome to visit our block production line site if you are interest in our machine.


With G20 summit and APEC conference going, we believe it will promote more cooperation and bring more opportunities to Asian countries, which will prosper city construction and development.

Hope our machine could help our customers produce more perfect product and make a little contribution for Indonesia city construction.

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