Automatic block making machine in Oman

Hawen QT8-15 block making machine shipped to customer from Oman at the end of May.


QT8-15 block making machine with the pallet size at 980x880mm, to make the 8 inch hollow block, it allows to get 8pcs per drop, at 1450pcs/hour.


This machine match with high-end dual cooling system. The cooling system in hydraulic system for block making machine with both fan cooling and water cooling, this dual cooling system can effectively prevent the hydraulic oil in the hydraulic station from rising due to high temperatures in Oman.


The concrete molds ordered by this customer covering: 

hollow block mould 400x200x200mm,

rectangular paver mould at 200x100x60mm,

interlocking paver mould at 222x111x60mm,

square shape paver at 300x300x60mm,

prismatic shape paver 200x200x60mm,

solid block mould at 400x200x200mm, 400x150x200mm.


We also test every machine before shipment to ensure it working well in customer site.

Hawen machinery offer comprehensive solution and services for a modern factory producing concrete products, necessary to ensure the continuity of the production process.


Welcome to contact our team for more information of our block making machine.

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