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What’s the advantage of using Planetary Mixer in block making plant?

Author:HAWEN Block MachineFROM:Brick Production Machine Manufacturer TIME:2024-03-15

Concrete mixer as the main equipment in mixing system, play an important role in the concrete block making plant. Hawen Planetary Concrete mixer can mix all kinds of high-quality and high-performance concrete, and  reach homogeneous mixing at shortest time.

It has below advantages:

1. Fast mixing speed, high mixing precision, low friction loss and long service life of the equipment;
2. Stable transmission, high efficiency, no dead angle of mixing;

3.Easy for cleaning with less maintenance

4. Stir the material evenly;

The design feature of Planetary Mixer:

Planetary Fly-cutter Mixer


Mixing blades are designed in parallelogram structure(planted),which can be turned 180°for reuse to increase service life. Bottom scraper/ side scraper /planetary mixing/fast auxiliary flying knife. The movement of the material inside the trough is smooth and continuous.

Planetary Reducer


The Driving system consists of motor and hardened surface gear, Flexible coupling and hydraulic coupling(option)connects motor and gearbox. The gearbox is designed by our company absorbing European advanced technology. The improved model has lower noise,longer torque and more durable.

Observing Port & Maintaining Door


There is an observing port on the maintaining door. It allows to observe the mixing situation without cutting off power. In order to improve the security of using the concrete mixer,reliable high-sensitive security switches are used in the maintaining door to make the maintaining work safe and convenient.

Hydraulic Discharge Door & Pneumatic Discharge Door


According to the different demands of customers, the discharging door can be opened by hydraulic, pneumatic . The number of the discharging door is three at most. And there is special sealing device on the discharging door to ensure the sealing reliable.

Water & Additive Device


Overhead structure is used to water ,large covering area and make the material more uniform mixing.

Application of Planetary Concrete mixer on site:



Planetary Concrete mixer in mixing system,using conveyor belt to transfer the material from batching machine to concrete mixer.

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