What is the reason for choosing Automatic block machine?

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Cement block making machine is a machine that adds a small amount of cement to produce new wall material blocks such as fly ash, river sand, stones, stone powder, fly ash, waste ceramsite slag, smelting slag and other materials. The new wall materials are mainly blocks and cement bricks. Most of them use hydraulic molding mode, and some use vibration molding.

What are the characteristics of Automatic block machine?

What is the reason for choosing Automatic block machine?

What is the vibration power of the Automatic block machine?

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What are the characteristics of Automatic block machine?

1. Automatic block machine can produce more than 10 kinds of non-burning bricks of different specifications, such as hollow blocks, porous bricks, standard bricks, etc.

2. Automatic block machine adopts pneumatic transmission PC machine program to automatically and manually control blanking, forming and exporting to complete continuously, with safe and stable operation and easy maintenance.

What is the reason for choosing Automatic block machine?

1. The Automatic block machine adopts the hydraulic pressure forming of the table mold and the vibration, and adopts the reciprocating guide feeding device. The forming cycle is short, the production efficiency is high, the block quality is dense, the strength is high, and the size is accurate.

2. Automatic block machine adopts mechanical, electrical and hydraulic integration technology, so that every cycle process of equipment operation is consistent, so the molding output is high and stable, and the rejection rate is low.

3. Automatic block machine is a multi-purpose machine. It can produce different specifications of perforated bricks, hollow blocks, curbs, pavement bricks, grass and tree bricks, lattice bricks and other cement products by changing molds.

4. Automatic block machine can be programmed according to production needs to realize manual, semi-automatic, fully automatic and other actions.

What is the vibration power of the Automatic block machine?

Regarding the vibration frequency of the Automatic block machine, from the perspective of concrete vibration technology, if the frequency of forced vibration is close to the natural frequency of the concrete mixture particles, resonance occurs, and the reduction is the smallest at this time, and the amplitude can reach the largest.

This equipment relies on vibration and pressure to shape and compact the concrete mix in the form work box, so the selection of vibration parameters is crucial to the performance of the blocks. Vibration parameters include vibration frequency, amplitude, vibration acceleration, etc. From the perspective of concrete vibration technology, the optimal vibration frequency and amplitude are different for different vibrated materials. The vibration frequency should be as close as possible to the natural frequency of the aggregate in the material so that it resonates. At this time, the attenuation is minimum and the amplitude is maximum. The aggregate particle size of the block concrete mixture is 3~10mm, and the ideal vibration frequency is 100~125Hz. The commonly used vibration parameters in China are as follows: vibration frequency 55-60HZ: amplitude 1~2.2mm: vibration acceleration 10~18g.

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