How to maintain Screw conveyor in block factory?

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Screw conveyor is a kind of bulk material conveying equipment.

It is widely used in mixing plants, brickmaking machine,block making equipment production lines, sand and gravel, chemical and other industries.

It plays an important role in material conveying throughout the production process

Once there is a problem with the conveyor, it will cause the production line to fail to operate normally, causing great losses to the entire production process.

In order to ensure the continuous operation of the screw conveyor and reduce the waste of missed work, the screw conveyor needs to be properly maintained.


1. Check the reducer oil level before use

In the cooling and static state, the oil level is lower in the middle of the oil mirror.

In order to improve the lifespan and performance of the reduction gear, replace the oil after 100 hours of first use. Replace gear oil every six months and replenish in time when the industrial oil level is low, (choose No. 150-220 Industrial Heavy Duty Gear Oil).

2. Check the parts that are prone to broken-down such as screw blades, screw shafts, and sliding bearings

Make sure all parts are intact. (Pay special attention to checking the wear degree of the screw blades. In order to avoid failures during use process, the screw blades need to be replaced immediately which are seriously worn )

3. Keep the motor and reducer clean

The air inlet of the motor is not covered and keep the working environment dry. Check and clean the ventilation valve above the reducer in time to prevent the accumulation of sludge from blocking the breathing hole, resulting in excessive internal pressure and damage to the oil seal.

4. Check whether there is dust leakage at the output end of the reducer

The occurrence of ash leakage indicates that the seal of the output end cover is damaged, and it should be repaired immediately to avoid long-term ash leakage, which will lead to greater wear of the output shaft and increase the maintenance cost.

5. Watch out for any abnormal noise from the device

Regularly check the noise situation every day, and monitor whether there is any abnormal noise in the reducer, blades, tail shaft, and middle suspension shaft, and whether there is discharge sound from electrical equipment. If there is an abnormality, the equipment maintenance personnel will diagnose the fault point according to the situation and repair it in time.

6. Identify the presence or absence of odor

The screw machine is exposed to the outdoors, and always pay attention to whether there is oil, smoke, gas, and the burning smell of insulating materials. It should be stopped in time for maintenance to avoid causing greater losses or safety accidents.

7.  When a fault occurs, be sure to ask about the maintenance and standard operation of the equipment, the maintenance and construction personnel must answer truthfully.

In principle, there should be special personnel to supervise and inspect the maintenance and do the maintenance regularly. The break-down is usually caused by inadequate maintenance or improper operation. We must avoid similar situations and strive to reduce downtime costs.

8.  Detect the temperature rise of motors, reducers and bearings

The grease must be replenished in time (No. 3 lithium base grease) if abnormal temperature rise is found,, and check whether the heat dissipation port is blocked. Under normal circumstances, the grease should be replenished or replaced after 5000 hours of continuous operation. If the bearing is found to be overheated or the lubrication has deteriorated during operation, the grease should be replenished in time.

9. Sense vibration

Diagnose whether the fastening parts are loose or deformed. Fasten them immediately if they are loose and  repair them immediately if they are deformed,.

10. Check material

In order to ensure the requirement of no-load start-up of the screw machine, the materials in the shell must be checked before each shutdown to ensure that the conveying is completed.

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